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Home of the 2nd Best Cheeseburger in Town

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Take a little bit of the Dukum home...
Pick up some DuKum Stuff on your next visit or send us an email and we'll get it to your door!

Our "Double Hell" Bloody Mary Mix

-Add a little to tomato juice and shake like "Double Hell".

-Garnish accordingly.

-Sit back, relax, sip, reminisce...

-Repeat as necessary.





DuKum Dust

Fries & All-Purpose Seasoning

Replace your salt shaker and

add a kick of flavor to everything you eat.

8 oz.







DuKum Gift Card

The Ultimate Currency

Available for any amount

and good for all things DuKum.

Sky's the limit!





DuKum Wing Zing

Smokey, Spicy & Sweet

Magic dust that will change your life!

Perfect sprinkled on wings, thighs, legs, breasts, etc.

(We mean chicken, by the way)

7 oz.